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Servicing the Greater Sacramento Area     

 Service  Description  Price
Weekly Full Service 
Includes removal of all debris from top and bottom of pool, emptying of all nets and baskets, balancing of water chemistry, cleaning filters as needed and inspection of equipment
Weekly Chem Service
 Includes balancing of water chemistry, emptying of all baskets and nets, filter cleaning and inspection of equipment
Green Pool Cleanup
(See before and after photos)
For green pools that still have visibility to the bottom. Water chemistry is balanced, shock treatment added, pool is brushed and filters cleaned.
$100 + up
Heavy Debris & Green Pool Cleanup
(See before and after photos)
Pool is drained, brushed and debris removed then pressure washed. Pool is then filled and start up chemicals added
$250 + up
(takes 1-2 days)
 Black Algae Removal 
For pools that have a black algae infestation.  Pool is drained, spots removed by pressure washer and spot treated with high concentrate chlorine.
$250 + up
Equipment Repairs
All equipment repairs are available with a free quote. Costs generally include cost of parts/materials and labor
 Call to get an appointment for a free estimate
Phosphate Treatment
Pools with chronic algae problems may be caused by even a low level of phosphates. Until the phosphates are removed algae will not respond to normal shock treatments or algaecides.
$60 + up